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Partner | REALTOR®

Mike Turner is the co-founder of Impact Club® Boise, author of Agent Entrepreneurs: A Guide To What They Don’t Teach You In Real Estate School and the Listing Triangle® Method for Maximizing Homeowner Profits, and the host of the Idaho Speakeasy Podcast. Mike teaches marketing and negotiation strategies at real estate schools across the nation and co-founded Fever Streak Press, a publishing company that has produced 2 New York Times bestselling books. Turner is frequently called upon by local media and advisory boards for his expertise on the Boise housing market. Mike occasionally posts insights about the market on his YouTube channel. Mike Turner specializes in working with investors and investment-minded clients to help them maximize their profits within real estate.

Originally from a small island in Alaska, Mike with his wife Amanda and two daughters can often be found around town enjoying all the awesome things Boise has to offer, or you can read about their international adventures through Amanda’s book series called Vagabonding with Kids. She writes under the pen name of AK Turner.